Friday, September 16, 2011

Synergy Physical Education 2011-2012

Hello Students and Parents!

Welcome to another year of Middle School P.E.. This year we will be doing some new and exciting things to get and keep your child in good physical condition. I will be posting a weekly activity schedule for you to review along with video links to give you a visual perspective of some of the things we will be doing. This will enable you to get a head start on some of the drills exercises and activities I have planned for you this year. The first month will be used for assessments and evaluation. We will be doing activities and exercises for the purpose of establishing a base point for my evaluation of each student. I will be giving more information later,

Note: Scroll down the screen and on your right you will find requirements and suggestions for class.



Elon said...

can we play whiffle ball for game day.


Andre said...

can we play dodge ball for game day Mel?


Yasmin said...

Can we play soccer in PE game day? It doesnt have to be tommorrow but it'd be pretty cool.