Monday, February 13, 2012

Synergy Futsal Schedule 2012

*All games are away at the school of our opponent unless they say "Upper Noe," which is our home gym.

Junior Varsity Division

Synergy JV Black

SFFS 3/7 5:15 PM
SFFS 3/15 4:15PM
PHS 3/19 4:00PM Upper Noe
CDS 3/20 4:00 PM
CACS 4/10 5:00PM
Kittredge 4/16 4:00 PM Upper Noe
SFS 4/17 4:00 PM

Synergy JV Gold

SFS 2/27 4:00 PM Upper Noe
SFFS 3/15 5:15 PM
SFFS 3/22 4:15 PM
CDS 3/27 4:00 PM
CACS 4/12 4:00PM
Lycee 4/26 4:00 PM
Burke 4/26 4:30 PM

Synergy Varsity Black

SFS 2/29 4:00 PM
SFFS 3/14 5:00 PM
Presidio Hill 3/19 5:00 PM Upper Noe
LOS 3/26 4:00 PM Upper Noe
Kittredge 4/16 5:00 PM Upper Noe
CACS 4/9 4:00PM Upper Noe
SFS 4/17 5:00 PM

Synergy Varsity Gold

SFS 2/27 5:00 PM Upper Noe
SFC 3/12 4:00 PM
SFFS 3/15 6:15 PM
Lycee 3/23 3:45 PM
LOS 3/26 5:00 PM Upper Noe
KIPP 4/20 4:45 PM
CAIS 4/24 3:45 PM

School key:

SFS = San Francisco School
SFFS = San Francisco Friends School
CAIS = Chinese American
CDS = Children’s Day
CACS = Creative Arts Charter School
LOS = Live Oak School
SFC = San Francisco Christian
PHS = Presidio Hill School


Unknown said...

can you list the futsol teams on your blog?

Unknown said...

When is practice??

Also, lets do soccer in 8th Grade PE

Unknown said...

Mel can we play mole dogeball and the game where ur in a circle and u trough the ball


serafina said...

Mel can we play kick ball or volley ball in p.e. next week


Elon said...

melvin I need the ox expressions paper. I can pick it up on friday at school if it is possible.

Also for PE next week can we play soccer.

Unknown said...

MEL CaN we play mole dogeball and hot potato or volleyball

Unknown said...


I just remembered about 10 1/2 seconds ago about the missing homework. I put on my post-it that I was sure I had done most of it and that if you didn't find it could you put it in the office. I went back on Friday to pick it up but didn't find anything there. Does this mean you have found it?


serafina said...

Melvin can we play roadrunner or maybe mole dodgeball?