Wednesday, August 29, 2012


SYNERGY MIDDLE SCHOOL PHYSICAL EDUCATION 2012-2013 WELCOME! I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you back for another year of Synergy Physical Education. I am really excited to begin the year as we have some new and innovative programs for your child to experience this year. I will be giving you more details later. Welcome back kids and get ready for what I hope will be a challenging and fun experience. Melvin Smith

6th Grade

This year the sixth grade classes will receive more individualized training and skills.  The class will meet as a group and new this year they will also meet in smaller classes consisting of approximately a third of the normal class size.  This will allow each student the opportunity to work on individualized skill development and training as they transition from the 5th grade to middle school. We feel that this will be invaluable on their continued growth and overall development. Tests will be given throughout the year to monitor and evaluate the students progress.

7th Grade

The seventh grade will also meet as a class.  What will be different this year is that they will also meet in a combo class consisting of both 7th and 8th graders.  Each combo class will consist  of approximately 15 to 16 students or roughly two thirds of the normal class size.  This combination configuration will not only give students more individualized skill development in a smaller setting, but also give them a peek of what is to come in the up and coming year when they are 8th graders.  This combination we feel will increase their competitiveness as well as the skill level of all students in these grades. Tests will be given throughout the year to monitor and evaluate the students progress.

8th Grade

This year as mentioned earlier the 8th graders will participate in combo classes with the 7th graders.  The smaller class sizes will increase  the amount of time each student will have to work on skill development in the areas of drills, exercises and team sports.  Not only will we be continuing working on the agility ladder but we will be doing more strength training using exercises bands and other apparatuses in the effort to build and strengthen each student as they get prepared for high school. A year end test will be conducted along with mid term physical skill development tests to evaluate each students progress throughout the year.


serafina said...

melvin coud we please play dodgeball next class or soon

juliana caballero said...

hi melvin can we play volleyball

Hannah said...

Melvin Could we play ping pong soon please?