Wednesday, May 22, 2013


In the next two  weeks we will wrap up  testing for Physical Education.  This week we will complete the testing with the Agility Ladder and Obstacle Course.  Parents please make sure your child eats a good breakfast and get a good nights sleep.

Tests Completed

Broad Jump
10 yard Shuttle
10 minute run
Flexibility Test


Anonymous said...

Hey Melvin! Can we have a game day?
- Lea

Lucia Dardis said...

Can we have a game day? On May 6th

Dylan Kiely said...

hi Melvin is it possible for our last PE with you that we could play soccer on Thursday the 21st.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

hi mel can we play baseball or something like that on friday or on next tuesday

Anonymous said...

actually could we do it in 2 weeks of on this friday

Jessie Schwartz said...

hey mel! Jessie here! I was thinking that we could have a game week where we made up games!
It would also be a good team work type thing!
Jessie ;)